Montgomery Education Foundation

Established in 2004 to provide financial support for Montgomery High School and it’s programs, we promote community involvement and preserve and document the history and traditions of Montgomery High.

Grant Information

MEF Grants are how we support our Montgomery High School community. We are proud to offer assistance to all programs!  We are excited to welcome everyone back for the 2021/2022 school year!

Join Our Team!

We value everyone’s time and appreciate not all can attend meetings.  No problem!  We have plenty of volunteer opportunities, small and large.  Thank you for supporting your Montgomery High School students.

Welcome to to the 2022- 2023 School Year!

Montgomery Education Foundation

The Montgomery Education Foundation (MEF) extends a warm welcome to those of you who are new to Montgomery High School (MHS), and a “Welcome Back” to all those returning this school year! Thank you for your interest in our organization and we look forward to working side by side with you this year to further our commitment to raising funds to help support our school, students, teachers and programs. Now more than ever, our schools and students need the precious resources earned, raised, and granted by the MEF. 

mef hard at work

Programs We Focus On

We hope you will join us!  As a donor – A Volunteer – An Advocate as we work to ensure that our students receive what they need to succeed. 

The Arts

Band | Dance | Choir | Art | IB Film | Photography Department


Technology Committee | Student Leadership | School Clubs | Booster Club | AVID | Valued Viking Award


Classroom Supplies | International Baccalaureate Program | Special Day Classes | California League of High Schools

On Campus

Campus Beautification | Teacher Wish Lists | Teacher Appreciation Luncheons | Spirit Team | Project Grad | Field Trips

THE MHS Foundation is a tax exempt 501c (3) non-profit organization and your donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the Internal revenue code


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Endowment Information

Please join the Montogmery Education Foundation in building an Endowment that will be a permanent source of the extra funding that MHS teachers and programs need to thrive and to propel Montgomery to every-higher levels of excellence.  The Endowment’s earnings will be available indefinitely to finance innovation in academics, technology, the arts, athletics, occupational programs, and facilities.

Endowment Donation options

We take donations via PayPal, Checks and Credit Cards – all donations are tax deductible.  MEF Tax Id # 68-0376324

A Simple Vision…

A gift that will keep giving to Montgomery High School and it’s students forever!

MEF Donations

Where do your donations go?

Unless specified, your donations will go into our general fund which supports funding for academics, school activities, school improvements, music, drama, athletics, art forensics, leadership, photography, academics and much more. Help us to support every Montgomery High School student

MEF Board | Volunteers

We are always looking for new members, committee chairs, and to fill open board positions.

Volunteer Opportunities for Montgomery Education Foundation: MEF Crab Feed | Human Race | Senior Breakfast | Project Grad | Teacher Appreciation |  

we look forward to working with you at one of these events

Parents, professionals, educators and we are a diverse group who believe in making a different for our Montgomery High School community.

MEF Board

Join us MEF! YOU can make a difference…